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Change of SSID

Last updated at 11:34AM, May 20 2011

SSID will be changed from May 26th as below.

1. Existing SSID: [wi2] -> New SSID:Wi2 *
*For the service in the bus, the SSID will be changed not from May 26 but from July. 

2. Existing SSID: [wi2]wpapsk ->New SSID:Wi2_club
Please confirm the network key for Wi2_club in "Wireless LAN Connection Setup" of "My Page".

The latest Wi2 Connect reflects these SSID changes. Please download it.

In addition, the 25 locations below have been BB mobilepoint roaming areas but became Wi2 300 original areas with SSID:Wi2.

-Haneda Airport
-Chubu International Airport
-Osaka International (Itami) Airport
-Kitakyushu Airport
-JR Stations (Takamatsu, Okayama, Osaka, Shin-Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hakata, Shin-Kobe, Kanazawa, Himeji, Fukuyama, Ogura, Shin-Yamaguchi, Tokuyama, Toyama, Takaoka, Shin-Kurashiki, Yonago, Ryoga, Shin-Shimonoseki)
-Roppongi Hills

Please note that the roaming with BB mobilepoint in these areas will be terminated on May 31st.  Please select SSID:Wi2 in these areas. For other BB mobile point areas such as McDonalds, there are no changes.