How can I use Wi2 service in UQ_Wi-Fi roaming areas?


1.Choose "mobilepoint"SSID or "mobilepoint2"SSID from the Wi-Fi Network list.
*In the first connection, the WEP KEY (network password) is required. You can confirm the key informationi in My Page, Wireless LAN Conncetion Setup.

2.Open a browser (InternetExplorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.). The login screen is displayed.

3.Enter your Wi-Fi Pass ID and password.
*Add "@wi2" at the end of your ID. Your login ID will look like: ********@wi2

4.Press "LOGIN" after confirming data you enter.

5.After a successful login, enjoy Internet.
*The logout button is displayed on the screen after login. Click the button to finish the internet connection.